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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Review of Istanbul Traveller Website -

Today we review This website is part of a massive group of over 100 city websites, produced by the Cosmic Travel Network of Toronto, Canada.

The website provides traveller information for a tourist preparing to visit the city of Istanbul, Turkey. The home navigation consists of:
*Accommodation -
***Apartment Rentals and
***Cheap Hotels in Istanbul
*Getting There
***Istanbul City - Information about the city of Istanbul
***Travel to Istanbul - Reasons why you should travel to Istanbul
***Trains - Train transport in and around Istanbul
***Airport - Information about Istanbul Airport
***Airport Transfers - How to be transferred from the airport to your destination

*Getting Around
***Tourist Information - A travel to Istanbul guide
***Istanbul Transport -The local transport infrastructure and how to get around Istanbul
*What to do
***Nightlife in Istanbul - Insight into the nightlife and clubs around Istanbul
***Sightseeing - Places to visit whilst in Istanbul
***Amazing architecture - A guide to the various architectural delights of Istanbul, including the The Hagia Sophia
***Culture & lifestyle - Discussion about the culture and lifestyle of Istanbul
*Places to go
***Istanbul Beaches - Information about the local beaches available to visitors to Istanbul
***Football in Istanbul - Basic information about Football in Istanbul
***Istanbul Tours - Information about tours in Istanbul

***Istanbul Food - A guide to the local food, which will be available to you
***Istanbul Restaurants - A brief guide to popular restaurants in Istanbul
*Useful Information
***Photos - A photo gallery of Istanbul

***Videos - A collection of videos about the city
***Weather - Information about the weather you can expect in Istanbul

The site provides a lot of different sections of information about Istanbul. It is ideal for the visitor who wants access to basic level information. The content tends to be concise and brief, ideal for skim reading. If you want more substantial and access to more detailed content, you will need to find other Istanbul related sites.


  1. Bali to the streets with the culture and cuisine very delicious ...

  2. Nice speech. Thank you. I'm going to this year's summer holiday in Fethiye. Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley and would like to see.