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Monday, 4 April 2011

Review of All About Turkey from Burak Sansal -

Today we review, this is a website produced by tour guide, Burak Sansal.

With a Google Page Rank of 6 and Alexa Rank of 225,944 the site is certainly popular with both search engines and visitors, this is always a good sign!

The website is available in eight languages (English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic and Hindi) - surprisingly with this many languages there is no Turkish version.

The navigation on the front page takes the visitor to the following links:
* Regions of Turkey - This provides information about the seven regions of Turkey - Marmara, Aegean, Black Sea, Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia, South East Anatolia and Mediterranean. Clicking on any of the regions drills down to further detailed content
* Top Tourist Sites - About 70 Tourist sites are detailed here. Click the link and read up on your favorites. Two examples would include Mount Ararat and Diyarbakir
Aspendos Theatre near Antalya
* History - For a Tourist site there is a very detailed historical section. There are about 100 pages covering all kinds of historical Turkish topics. Examples include Christianity in Turkey, Ottoman Women and Kenan Evren.
* Culture - There are about 75 pages of information, jam packed with interesting content about Turkish Culture. These are broken down into the following sub-sections: folk culture, arts, turkish cuisine (e.g. Turkish Tea), sports, literature & entertainment, architecture (e.g. Turkish Baths in Istanbul), government, animals and other (e.g. Marriage in Turkey)
Whirling Dervish
* Islam - There is a large section on the Islamic faith in Turkey. Once again, this is unusual for a tourist site, but provides great background and awareness for the potential tourist. Of particular interest to tourists are likely to be the major mosques of Istanbul and religious sites in Turkey.
* Tourism Info - So only now, do we get around to the tourist information! There are 34 sections of information, which provides masses of items of interest for the tourist. I didn't want you to miss this info, so the headings are all detailed here:
Local time in Turkey, Getting to Turkey, Passport and visa information & Visa Fees for Turkey, Turkish holidays, Historical and cultural sites, Fairs, festivals and events & Events Calendar, Turkish facts and statistics, Interesting facts about Turkey, Turkey's physical geography, Detailed Road Map & Interactive Maps,
Seas of Turkey, Turkey's lakes - Van Lake & Tuz (Salt) Lake, Turkey's rivers - Euphrates & Tigris, Turkish climate, Earthquakes in Turkey, Tulips of Turkey, Turkey's flora & fauna, National parks, Thermal Springs (Spa), Yachting regulations & Marinas, The Turkish flag, Solar Eclipses in Turkey, Buying property in Turkey, Marriage for Foreigners in Turkey, Foreign embassies and consulates in Turkey, Turkish embassies and consulates abroad, Turkish information offices, International airlines in Turkey,
Hostels in Turkey, Hotels in Istanbul & Ankara & Izmir, Restaurants in Istanbul & Ankara & Izmir & Antalya, Hospitals in Istanbul & Ankara & Izmir & Antalya, Useful phone numbers and Area codes in Turkey
*My Tours - This is a section detailing the tours offered by Burak Sansal. Well worth reading through if you like the thought of an organised tour to Turkey.
*Photos Gallery - There are 32 photos in the gallery, these are high quality. All images included in this review are from this gallery.
Balloon Trips in Cappadocia
*About us - There is additional useful information about the site in this section

To conclude, the site has very rich content. I think there is something for anyone who is interested in a trip to Turkey. What I like about this site is that it fills gaps missed by other websites and provides that difficult to find sort of content, or I never thought about that. This website is highly recommended and well worth a visit.

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