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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Fun in Bodrum a review of

Today we turn our attention to the massive tourist destination that is Bodrum. The website we are focusing upon is exclusively devoted to all things Bodrum, the website is called - so why not have some fun in Bodrum?

A sample screenshot of

The main areas of navigation that appear at the top of the page are:
* Home - A link to the Home Page
* News - The latest news from the Bodrum area. Fore example "Bodrum is the place to be for Middle Eastern Royalty".
* Highlights - The latest information on Bodrum highlights and events.
* Culture - A review of the culture of Bodrum over the centuries. Learn about the Bodrum Ampitheatre, Bodrum Castle, Zeki Muren Museum and the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology as examples
* Shopping - Advice about shopping in the Bodrum area
* Restaurants - A guide to restaurants in and around Bodrum
* Hotels - A review of 4 of the leading hotels in and around Bodrum
* Nightlife - A guide about the Halikarnas club in Bodrum

Also on the home page are a leading article, this is a recent article discussing Bodrum. There are also 5 recent and 5 popular news links.

The Bodrum Ampitheatre

Overall I found the site well worth a visit. The site can quickly be read as there are only about 90 pages, but the quality of the content there is very good.

Visit this site for sure, if you plan to make a visit to Bodrum in the near future.

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