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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism Website review -

For those wanting to visit Turkey a visit to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism Website is a must. Simply visit

The site is jam packed with information and is available in the following languages - Turkish, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. For the purposes of this review I have used the English version!

The home page has links to all the following topics:
Atatürk - 14 sections of content about the first President of Turkey (1881 - 1938)
History - 8 sections, details the history of Turkey including the Ottoman Empire and the truth abour Armenia
Ministry - 4 sections about the government of Turkey and ongoing projects/works
City Guide - Provides information about 80+ Turkish cities, all with their own separate page. Why not visit Batman province? - Clicking on a link then provides further drilldown information about that city/province
Culture - 15 sections of content covering a wide variety of information about Turkish cultures. For example landmarks, folk dances, costumes, romany culture and much more..
Tourism - 12 sections of content about Tourism. Aimed specifically at the tourist, this section provides information on subjects such as activities, destinations, regions and again much more..
Art - 4 sections of content covering topics such as visual arts, auditory arts and traditional arts - well worth a read.
Archaeology - 9 sections about the wonderful history of Turkey. This covers topics such as museums, historic places (e.g. Ephesus), archaeology, world heritage list, etc - this is a must visit for the would be traveller to Turkey!
Publications - Read through the list of official publications of the Ministry
Stolen Works - Regrettably Turkey has suffered with many items being stolen. Learn all about these items in this section, maybe you can help to get them recovered?
Virtual Tour - Click this to see 39 virtual tours, providing a vast array of information about Turkey and its treasured tourist attractions
Photograph Gallery - Literally hundreds of photographs, such as this photo of Aydin
News and Announcements - General news and announcements, which are broken down and analysed by year
Useful Links - Some links to the most important Tourist websites, relating to Turkey

Also contained towards the bottom of the home page are links to:
- The European Culture Portal
- Culture and Tourism TV
- Tourism Development Regions
- Culture Music
- Promotional Films of Turkey
- T.E.D.A. Translation Subvention Project
- Frankfurt Book Fair
- Tourism Strategy of Turkey
- TTN Tim Trade Net
- Foreign Economic Relations Board
- Tourism Statistics

This website is very heavily recommended for all visitors to Turkey. Certainly give this website a visit in preparation for your next trip to Turkey.

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