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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

About this site -


I've created this blog, to bring you a range of interesting websites all relating to travelling in Turkey.

Each day the aim is to bring you a new site. I will review the site, tell you what is good (and maybe what is bad!) about the site. You can use these reviews to fast track your research ahead of your next trip to Turkey.

We will be featuring all of the major destinations such as Marmaris, Istanbul, Cappadocia, Fethiye, etc We will also be featuring attractions, places to go/visit, etc

The key to this site though will be that we will feature a different site each day, so this could be about a specific location (e.g. Altinkum), about a specific activity (e.g. diving) or about an aid to tourists (e.g. a Vacation Rentals, Hotels or Car Rental site, maybe).

If you have any comments i'd be delighted to read them, but please no spam, I will only delete it! If you want your site listed, please contact me and I will review the site and there are no guarantees but it might get included at some future date.

Above all enjoy Turkey!

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