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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Turkey/Turkish Flag and Country Information -

Welcome to my review for today, this is the site - and their Turkey page. First of all a confession, I run this site! I know this is a bit of shameless promotion but I think this site does offer value to the traveller to Turkey.

The site offers information for over 240 countries, so you can also look-up other destinations too.

Here is a summary of what you will find on the Turkey page:
- The formal name of Turkey
- The local name
- The local formal name
- The region / continent
- Associations / Memberships
- Capital City
- Main Cities
- ISO Code
- Population
- Area (size in km²)
- Currency
- Languages
- Religions

You can download a small version of the Turkish flag:

Or if you prefer something larger, you could try downloading a large flag:

The page finishes with some information about the Turkish flag itself, you can find:
- Date flag first adopted
- Description - Explaining what the flag looks like

I definitely think this page will be of interest to the traveller to Turkey. Why not take a look and decide for yourself?

> There are also links to main menu items, you can find flags and country information from 240+ countries through these links-
A-Z - An A (Abkhazia) - Z (Zimbabwe) listing of all the countries in the world,
Area & Region - The size in km² and continent of each country,
Blog & News - A link to the Blog and latest flag news,
Capital Cities and Populations - A list of all the capital cities in the world and country populations,
Currencies - Listing of all the currencies in use by country,
Flag Terms - Explaining flag terms used throughout the site,
Home Page - A link to the home page,
ISO Codes - A list of all the ISO country codes,
Languages - a list of common languages in use by country and
Religions - a list of popular religions by country.

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